Selecting Entities

By Mouse

In selection mode, entities can be selected using a Left-Click of the mouse. If an entity is not found at the mouse location the selection automatically changes to region mode. By pressing the Ctrl key during selection additional entities can be added to the current selection set. By pressing the Shift key selection will enter region mode directly. Both the Ctrl and Shift can be used together interchangeably. As most of the entities supported within PolyCAD are complex, the zones where select the will be registered may only be registered at the control points. This is certainly the case for polylines, polyline groups and meshes. However, in the case of most curve and surface entities, the representation view is held in a display list which will be used in the selection process.

By Name

All of the floating panels which display list of entity names support the selection of the entity when the name is clicked although some panels implement specific behaviour. Information on the individual panels should be consulted.