Analysis Notes

Implementation of the analysis routines can be complex and can also change with time if a bug is found or updates to the process released.

Ship Resistance and Propulsion (Holtrop & Mennen)

Ship Resistance and Propulsion Analysis is provided by an implementation of Holtrop and Mennen. The analysis also presents powering results with the choice of Wageningen B or Gawn propellors. Consideration of air resistance and service margins are also included. The selected hull surface is analysed and referenced for hydrostatic information and additional geometry may be referenced to characterise appendages or superstructure area.

Yacht Resistance (Delft Series)

Yacht Resistance Analysis is provided by an implementation of the Delft Series with versions 1 & 2, 3 and 4 supported, providing upright and heeled results. The selected hull surface may be selected and referenced. Additional geometry may be selected to provide characteristics of keel and rudder.