IntelliCurves are used to control the shape of the IntelliSurface or IntelliHull surfaces. IntellSurface and IntelliHull surfaces are generated by lofting through IntelliCurves. Each IntelliCurve must have the same number of points but can control not only the position characteristics, but also the tangential characteristics of the lofted surface. IntelliCurves are fourth order BSpline Curves that can have constraint relationships applied to the control points to create specific shapes such as straight segments, blends and knuckles. When using IntelliCurves it is necessary for the user to make sure that there are enough control points for the constraints to function. This is in constrast to X-Topology curves where the control points of the internal BSpline curve representations are managed internally.


Menu: Create -> IntelliCurve

Interactively create an IntelliCurve curve by Left-Clicking to create the points of the control polygon. The initial orientation of curve will be defined on the Default Edit Plane.

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Interactive Editing

Edit mode is entered by pressing F2 displaying the control polygon of the curve. The control points of the entity are selected and edited using the PolyCAD standard manipulation techniques.

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Entity Attributes Panel

IntelliCurve attributes Panel

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Import / Export

Format Import Export
AutoCAD DXF   Yes
Initial Graphics Exchange Spec. (IGES)   Yes
ACIS (Autodeck/Tribon/Aveva Marine Initial Design)   Yes