Polygon List


The Polygon(group) List represent a surface using facet or polygon elements, connected entities of 3 or 4 control points. The polygon list the simplest data structure that can be used to represent a surface using only linear shapes. The Polygon list can be rendered and contours can be generated from the surface.


The Polygon List entity cannot be created directly. However, any of the other surface entities can generate a Polygon List.

Interactive Editing

The Polygon List cannot be edited interactively. However, individual facets can be deleted, split or merged.

Entity Attributes Panel

Polygon List Attributes Panel

Edit Menu

Multi-Select Menu

Display Options

Short Cuts

File Format


Import / Export

Format Import Export
AutoCAD DXF Yes Yes
Stereolithography STL Yes  
Ansys Element Script Yes Yes
Open Inventor (iv) Yes  
Tribon/Aveva Marine 12 Compartments Yes