Polyline List


The Polyline List (or Group is used interchangably) groups together a collection of polylines into a single entity. One of the main reasons for doing this is to treat the data as if it were a hull form with each polyline representing a transverse section through the surface. Hull section data is often used for calculating hydrostatics and is also important in hydrodynamics analysis as many tools only support this data format. Furthermore, these tools often require a specific number of points on each section or they should be spaced in a certain interval. The Polyline List entity provides a range of powerful processing tools which can be used to change how the points and polylines are arranged so that the data is compatible with the desired analysis tools.


Right-Click -> Multiple Selection -> Create Polyline Group /Create Polyline Hull

Create a Polyline List by selecting two more Polylines.

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Interactive Editing

Edit mode is entered by pressing F2 displaying the control points of the curve. The control points of the entity are selected and edited using the PolyCAD standard manipulation techniques.

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Entity Attributes Panel

Polyline List attribute panel

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File Format


Import / Export

Format Import Export
AutoCAD DXF   Yes
Initial Graphics Exchange Spec. (IGES)   Yes
Ship Stability Reseach Center (SUS) Yes Yes
Proteus (SUS, DAM) Yes Yes
AutoSHIP (GF?) Yes Yes
Ansys Element Script   Yes
International Marine Software Associates (IDF) Yes  
International Measurements System (IMS) Offsets (OFF) Yes Yes
Tribon/Aveva Marine 12 BritFair Yes Yes
ACIS (Autodeck/Tribon/Aveva Marine Initial Design)