X-Topology Surface


An X-Topology Surface is a surface which is generated by skinning or patching a number of X-Topology Curves. The surface is based on a 2-manifold where the curve intersections are vertices, the segments between vertices the edges and "holes" between the vertices and edges are faces. The objective of the X-Topology Surface is to create a patch or patches for each faces. The X-Topology surface can produce a representation based on a number of different surface techniques.


Right-Click -> Multiple Selection -> Create XTSurface Group

Create an X-Topology Surface by selecting two or more connected X-Topology Curves.

Interactive Editing

The surface definition cannot be edited directly, but it can be manipulated by editing any of its attached X-Topology definition curves.

Entity Attributes Panel

X-Topology Surface attributes panel

Edit Menu

Multi-Select Menu

Display Options

Short Cuts

File Format


Import / Export

Format Import Export
AutoCAD DXF   Yes
Initial Graphics Exchange Spec. (IGES)   Yes
FastShip (SRF)   Explode to other Surfaces
ACIS (Autodeck/Tribon/Aveva Marine Initial Design)   Transferred as a complete body if represented by BSpline surfaces.