YachtLINES is a single cubic B-Spline surface yacht hull generator based on 19 geometric and hydrostatic parameters. Internal Form(Boundary) curves are defined using B-Spline curves and an iterative approach is employed to modify curve control vertices until the desired hull properties are reached. Finally, a NURBS hull surface representation is generated by performing a longitudinal fit to the control polygons of each section Bspline curve.


Menu: Create -> YachtLINES

When the YachtLINES hull surface is created it is initially ungenerated. The surface can be updated from the attributes panel.

Interactive Editing

A YachtLINES hull surface is edited by changing the numerical parameters in the attributes panel. The updating can be made interative by checking the 'Interactive update' box in the parameters group of the attributes panel.

Entity Attributes Panel

YachtLINES attributes panel

Edit Menu

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File Format


Import / Export

Format Import Export
AutoCAD DXF   Yes
Initial Graphics Exchange Spec. (IGES)   Yes
Ansys Element Script   Convert to BSpline Surface
FastShip (SRF)   Yes
ACIS (Autodeck/Tribon/Aveva Marine Initial Design)   Yes