Modelling Environment


The most important aspect of PolyCAD is its modelling environment. Many CAD systems promote a wide range of features and functions, but in doing so make it difficult for the user to realise the design idea. In PolyCAD, the modelling enviroment has been developed over many versions to provide an interface that allows users to accuratly control geometric entities whether they are modelling interactively with the mouse or specifying exact values for entity attributes using the keyboard.

Viewing Display

The viewing display is the primary means through which the user creates and manipulates all geometry in PolyCAD. The PolyCAD viewer provides a wide range of features and tools to make the 3D manipulation experience enjoyable and effective.

Interative Creation

Create on the File menu lists all the entities that can be interactively created. PolyCAD standardises the way all curves and surfaces are created so that the same full range of features, such as SnapToGrid and SnapToObjects, can be employed regardless of entity.

Interactive Editing

Like the creation process, editing of curves and surfaces is also standarised. But the user now has access to a greater range of features such as Enhanced 3D Editing. The attributes of Entities can also be specifed directly using the Entity Attirbute Panel in the Entity Properties Tool Window.

Context-Sensitive Commands

PolyCAD features context sensitive popup menus. These display and allow the user to access all the current available commands for that entity, rather than have loads of inactive buttons or a command line system. In addition, the "multiple select" menu shows commands applicable to the range of entities selected. This is one of the primary means of creating constructive entities such as Coons patchs or IntelliHull.

Edit Tool Windows

In addition to the main model view, several dockable tool windows provide ways to select, review and display information about entities in the model environment.