Hull Surface Design

PolyCAD supports a range of entities that can be used to parametrically generate a hull surface for futher manipulation within the interactive editing environment. IntelliHull is a unique framework which extends previous parametric hull generation tools by allow the user to modify the hull surface without any loss of parametric control. With Enhanced 3D Editing, interactive manipulation of geometric definition is accuratle controlled regardless of the viewing angle and the Image Plane can be used to display scanned images in 3D to match geometry to drawings. (Read more...).

Naval Architecture

PolyCAD primarily supports ship design activities particularly development of the hull and compartmentation. A variety of entities can be used to represent the hull from curves, surfaces and polygons. A range of analysis tools are supported which look at volume and hydrostatics as well as. the curvature of surfaces. A wide range of interfaces are included through which designs can be imported/exported.

Geometry Processing

Not all Naval Architect analysis tools use the same kind of data. PolyCAD provides the means to convert from one format to another maintaining the greatest amount of accuracy appropriate to the converted definition formats. PolyCAD features an array of different processing tools which can be used to correct, simply or change the quality or resolution of the data to make it more ameanable to a particular analysis tool.

CAE Modelling

As well as interactive design, PolyCAD can be used to accurarly build constructive components using transformations and helper objects. Furthermore, a range constructive geometry entities (Ruled, Swept and Coons) allow accurate surfaces to be generated over former shapes to produce engineering components. This is particular useful when developing pre-processing geometry for CFD or FEM analysis grid generation tools.