Creates a Polylist Entity that represents a compartment; an object made from a group/list of polylines.


Compartment ObjectName
  Perm number The Permeability of the compartment
  Front number/frame The XMax limit of the compartment
  Back number/frame The XMin limit of the compartment
  Inside number/Polyline The limit closest to the centreline or the polyline representing this limit
  Outside number/Polyline The limit farthest away from the centreline of the polyline representing this limit
  Top number/Polyline The Zmax limit of the polylist or the polyline representing this limit
  Bottom number/Polyline The Zmin limit of the polylist or the polyline representing this limit
  Mirrored Mirrors the compartment about the centreline
  Reflect ReflectObjectname Reflect a copy of the compartment across the centreline
  Fit Polylist/BSpline Surface/Mesh/Polygonlist Fits the compartment inside the another polylist entity
  Sections number Specifies the number of calculation sections to create

To used frame reference frames must have be previously set up with the Frames command

Compartment not on the centreline can be mirrored with CMirror to create separate compartments

Extended Usage:

The Top, Bottom, Inside and Outside parameters can be extended to create more complex compartment shapes using the following syntax.

Outside/Inside {
  X1 Y1
  X2 Y2
  X3 Y3
Top/Bottom {
  X1 Z1
  X2 Z2
  X3 Z3


A simple compartment

Compartment *** R140/R338 ***
  perm -0.95
  front #30
  back 56.9
  bottom 0
  Top 1.6
  inside 6.2
  outside 40
  sections 5
  fit Hull

A more complex compartment using polylines as boundaries

polyline knf
  2 -10 8
  12 -20 4
  25 -10 8
polyline knf2
  2 -1 8
  12 -5 4
  25 -1 8
compartment test1
  perm 1
  Front 25
  Back 2
  Inside Knf2
  Outside Knf
Bottom {
  2 0
  25 1.2
  Top Knf
  Sections 21
  reflect test2
  fit hull
Delete Knf Knf2