Macro Commands

Command Description
Frames Set up a frame reference system
Box Create a Box
Compartment Creates a Comparment using the Polylist entity
CMirror Mirrors a Polylist
Polyline Create a Polyline
Include Includes a macro command file
Select Select Entities
Delete Delete Entities
Import Imports a File
Stop Stops Execution
OpenGroup Creates a reference group
ClosedGroup Creates an absolute group
Opening Creates an opening based on rectangular extents
BoundaryOpening Creates an opening based on a polyline boundary
RectangleOpening Creates a rectangular opening in a Hull
SolasOpening Creates a SOLAS based opening in a Hull
Message Adds a displays a message in the macro editor
Move Translates selected objects
Rotate Rotates selected objects
Mirror Mirrors selected objects


Scales selected objects
CornerPointSurface Create a BSpline Surface from four corner points
ImportDXF Imports an AutoCAD DXF File
ExportDXF Exports an AutoCAD DXF File
ImportIGES Imports an IGES File
ExportIGES Exports an IGES File
ImportProteus Imports a Proteus formatted SUS and DAM file
ExportProteus Exports a Proteus formatted SUS and DAM file
Save Save the current PolyCAD Geometry
GroupPolylines Creates a Polylist from the selected Polylines