Creates an Opening Entity in a Polylinelist Hull, the opening is rectangular in shape. Used in conjuntion with the Proteus simulation.


RectangleOpening OpeningName
  Hull Polylist/Any Surface The Hull Entity that the opening is in
  Top number/polyline Optional, The upper boundary of the opening
  Bottom number/polyline Optional, The lower boundary of the opening
  Length damagelength The width (damagelength)
  Location number The X Location of the centre of the damage
  Sections number The number of sections that will define the opening
  Reflect Optional, Reflects the opening to the negative side of the hull
  Connect Group1Name direction Group2Name The groups that the opening can connect to, see below
  Normal vector The normal vector to align then opening normal to, see below.
  CollapseHead PressureHead The head required before the opening will allow flooding, default 0
  OpeningTime Time The time at which the opening will begin to allow flooding, default 0


The opening can be connected to other entites using the connection definition in described above and functions in the flowing manner:

A -> B Group A is connected to Group B, nothing can flow from B to A.
A <- B Group B is connected to Group A, nothing can flow from A to B.
A <-> B Group A and Group B are connected together, flow is bi-directional.

If SEA is specified as a group then the opening connect to the Sea in the Proteus Simulation.


Normals can be specified using axis direction, e.g.

Z- align to z negative direction
Y+ align to y positive direction

or the Normal can be specified using user defined vector e.g.
[1, 1, 0]

Note: The Normal does not have to be unit length


The Opening Examples page provides sample opening definition examples

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