Creating a Ruled Surface

This section demonstrates how to create a ruled surface, a surface constructed between two curves (Polyline, BSpline, Cubic Spline or Interpolating BSpline).

1. From the create menu, choose BSpline Curve, (Create -> BSpline Curve).

2. In the y/z plane, draw a BSpline consisting of six points in an inverted hill shape.

3. In the attributes panel, select any grid cell in the X column and press the button.

4. With the 'Fill to X Coordinate Selected' radio button select, fill with a value of -10.0m and press OK.

5. The curve will move back along the x-axis.

7. Draw another BSpline curve on the y/z plane using six control points in the shape of an upright hill. (It is not necessary to use the same number of control points on each curve).

8. Select both curves.

9. Using the Right-Click menu, create a Ruled Surface, (Right-Click -> Multiple Selection -> Ruled Surface).

10. The new surface is generated between the two curves.

11. The surface is attached to the two curves and will update if either is edited. Select the first curve and press F2 to edit.

12. Select the fourth control point and move it up in Z. The surface will updated.

12. Select the third control point and move it up in Z. The surface will updated.

13. The surface can be converted to a BSpline surface using the Right-Click menu, (Right-Click -> Ruled Surface -> Convert to BSpline Surface).

14. After being converted to a BSpline Surface, the control points can now be edited in individually.

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