Adding a Bulbous Bow

62. The IntelliHull can have a bulb shape applied to the surface as a sub surface modification. In the attributes panel, open the Bulb Parameters group and check the Apply Bulb box.

An initial bulb shape will be generated in hull surface at the bow and can be modified by changing the values in the Bulb Parameters group.

63. Before changing any bulb values, the localised bulb surface can be visualised by checking the 'View Bulb Surface' box in the View Options group on the attributes panel.

The bulb surface is show as a bspline surface mesh at the forward end of the hull surface.

64. The bulb shape can be improved by lifting the point of the bulb using the 'Point Height' parameter.

After changing the parameter, press the 'Update Surface' button to update the main surface shape.

65. Continue to modify the shape of the bulb parameters...

...until the shape of the bow becomes desirable.

66. Once a bulb shape has been found the local bulb surface mesh can be hidden.

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