Controlling Hydrostatic Properties Parametrically

67. As well as modifying the hull by moving the control points, IntelliHull can also change the hull form using transformations. Some transformation will modify the shape of the IntelliCurve definitions curves and some will control the shape of the surface parametrically. Displacement and Longitudinal Centre of Buoyancy are both controlled parametrically.

68. In the attributes panel, in the Parameters increase the displacement (Note: It is unlikely that these value will be representative of the hull form the user has draw as part of this tutorial).

The hull sections will have now filled out.

69. Longitudinal Centre of Buoyancy can also be changed. Moving it forward...

...will fill out the sections in the bow and reduce those in the stern.

70. Move the LCB so that it is just aft of the midship section...

...ensuring that the hull shape is not too filled out.

Changing Parallel Middle Body Shape >>>