Changing Parallel Middle Body Shape

71. Hull shape can also be modified by changing the shape of the IntelliCurve definition curves. The offset constraint relationships assigned to the 'FwdParallel' and 'AftParallel' curves will cause these two curves to update as the midship curve changed shape. Select the 'midship curve' and press F2. Move the deck point outwards.

The shape of the hull is updated all the way long the parallel middle body reducing the need to modify other definition curves.

72. Remove the straight constraint from the flat of side of the 'midship' curve and assign two new straight constraints instead which make a 'middle' control point available.

73. Make the Y coordinate locations of the new and deck control points the same creating an inclined portion down to the bilge radius and a flat section up to the deck point.

This shape is developed all of the way along the parallel middle body.

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