Creating the Bow Shape

20. Create the Bow curve by copying the shape midship section curve. Select the midship section curve and press the button to bring up the translate dialog.

21. Translate the curve forward by 50m, check the "Create a Copy" box and press OK.

Zoom all. The model should now look like the image below.

22. To rotate the curve onto the centreline, select the new curve...

23. In the Constraints line up on the attribute panel, select the plane constraint.

24. Change the plane relationship to Yaw.

25. Change the yaw angle to 0 degrees.

The curve should now have rotated onto the centre plane.

26. Change the view to (X/Z) buttocks and zoom to the new curve using the button. Press F2 to edit the curve and move the control points on the radius aft to create an inclined bow shape. Pressing CTRL while moving the control points will lock the movement in one axis direction.

Creating the Bow Tangent Shape >>>