Creating the Bow Tangent Shape

27. To control the shape of the hull surface as it comes into the stem a tangent control curve is required. The shape of this new curve is based on the shape of the stem curve. This means that the new tangent control curve can be created using the geometry of the stem curve and an offset constraint applied. Change the view so that the new curve can be seen from the bow. Select the curve and press the button to show the translate dialog.

28. A small offset is all that is required and a shift of 0.01m is all that is required. Check the 'Create a Copy' box and press OK to create the new curve.

30. At this point it is a good idea to update the names of the latest curves. Rename the first stem curve to 'BowCurve' and the latest curve to 'BowTangent'.

31. Select the 'BowTangent' curve and, in the attributes panel, remove all of the constraints by pressing the button.

32. Add an offset constraint.

33. Select the new constraint to show the Offset Curve constraint details.

34. Select the bow curve and choose the 'Y-axis' offset direction relationship.

35. The 'BowTangent' curve will need some geometry set up so that the tangent is relatively strong at the top to produce a reasonable about of deck area and weak from the waterline downward to create sharp waterline shapes. Select the 'BowTangent' curve and press F2 to edit. Select the last five points...

and press the button to apply a straight constraint to the selected points.

The curve should now look like the view below.

36. Drag the two end points at each end of the staight contraint some distance to the side. An accurate distance is not required at this point as the curve geometry can be updated once the surface has been generated.

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