Creating the Transom Shape

37. The transom can be formed by copying from the shape of the midship section curve like before. Select the 'midship' curve and press the button to display the translate dialog.

38. Translate the curve aft by 50.0m. Check the 'Create a Copy' dialog and press OK.

39. In the attribute panel, rename the curve to 'Transom'.

40. In the Constraints line up in the attribute panel, select and delete all but the Plane constraint by pressing the button.

41. Inclline the plane of the transom curve by selecting the plane constraint...

...and changing the plane definition to pitch with an angle of -4.0 degree.

42. With the 'Transom' curve selected, press F2 to edit the control points.

45. Modify the shape of the curve into a transom shape. The curvature tool can be used to make sure that the curve is reasonably fair. The Straight constraint tool can be used to create any flat areas in the hull surface such as on the flat of side.

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