Generating the IntelliHull Surface

46. Once the 'Transom' has been completed there are enough curve to form a hull surface which has a good amount of control over its shape. At this point perspective can be turned on, (Right-Click -> View -> Perspective).

47. Pressing the button should show all the curve looking like the image below.

48 To create the IntelliHull surface, first select all the curves which will be used to define the surface. If all the entities are IntelliCurves and will be used in the hull surface this can be done from the Right-Click menu (Right-Click -> Select -> Select All) or by pressing Ctrl+A.

49. With only IntelliCurves selected, the Create IntelliHull option will appear below the Multiple Selection Item on the Right-Click menu, (Right-Click -> Multiple Select -> Create IntelliHull).

Specifing the IntelliCurve Hull Surface Attributes >>>