Forming the Bow Profile

6. Now form the shape of the bow. Change the view to show the profile (Right-Click -> View -> Buttocks).

7. Change the view of the control polygon mesh to view columns only, press the '|||' button.

8. Select the right most column, which represent the bow profile of the hull

9. Edit the points so that there is a curve shape at the bottom, becoming straight as it rises to the deck.

10. You may wish to zoom in to edit the shape more accuratly.

11. The bow profile does not yet lie on the centre plane. It can be moved in one go. In the attributes panel, select any cell in the 'Y' column of the table and press the button to display the Fill Values dialog.

12. Make surfe the Y coordinate is selected and fill a value of 0.0 to shift the control points of the bow profile on to the centre plane.

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