Contouring the Surface

26. A better appreciation of the hull shape can be obtained by plotting the Contours which are defined on the Tools menu (Tools -> Contours...).

27. Within the contours dialog box, update the contour spacing so sections (X-Spacing) are created every 0.5 units, buttock lines (Y-Spacing) are created every 0.2 units and waterlines (Z-Spacing) are created every 0.2 units. Press Generate to create the contour definition data before pressing OK.

28. To show the contours on the surface you need to change the display settings. Make sure that the surface is not being edited (F2) and is selected. Turn on the contours toggling Right-Click -> BSpline Surface -> Show Contours.

29. The paramaters lines can be turned off to show the contours alone by toggling Right-Click -> BSpline Surface -> Show Parameters.

30. The surface can be viewed in a perspective view showing the hull shape more realistically by toggling Right-Click -> View -> Perspective.

31. Continue editing the surface to improve its shape.

32. The shape of the hull can be improved by introducing shear.

33. With continues fairing a good hull shape will start to appear.

Rendering the Surface >>>