Analysing the Surface Curvature

37. The curvature of the surface can allow be reviewed more analytically. Change the display of the hull surface back to its normal wire frame view by pressing the button. The curvature analysis is displayed by choosing one of the options from (Right-Click -> BSpline Surface -> Show Surface Analysis.

38. Gaussian curvature is used to illustrate areas of double or single curvature.

39. Mean curvature is used to indicate the average level of curvature across the surface.

40. The shading model used with curvature and the number of colour layers can be changed in PolyCAD options

41. Curvature can also be reviewed by considering the reflection lines (Isophotes). This technique assumes that there is a light source at infinity so that it arrives at the surface in parallel rays. The edge of each stripe represents a constant angle of intersection between the surface and light rays.

42. The frequency, stripe colour and light direction can be changed in PolyCAD options.

Showing the Mirrored side of the Surface >>>