Displaying Hull Surface Contours

2. Once the hull has been generated, the hull contours can be displayed. From the tools menu, open the Contours Setup dialog, (Tools -> Contours...).

3. In the Contours Setup dialog, set the X Spacing to 0.5m, Y Spacing to 0.2m and Z Spacing to 0.2m.  Press the Generate button before pressing OK.

4. Turn on the display of contours on the Right-Click menu. (Right-Click -> YachtLINES -> Show Contours).

...the contours will now be displayed in addition to the generation sections.

5. Turn off the display of the generation sections on the Right-Click menu, (Right-Click -> YachtLINES -> Show Boundaries).

6. Display the surface with perspective, (Right-Click -> View -> Perspective).

7. Rotate the surface around to view along the hull surface and zoom all.

Modifying Various Breadth Parameters >>>