Generating a Lines Plan of the Hull Surface

21. A lines plan can be generated from this hull surface. With the surface selected, choose the "Generate Lines Plan" option on the tools menu, (Tools -> Generate Lines Plan...) to display the Lines Generator dialog.

22. Make the number of contours in the view the same as displayed in the 3D graphics window.  Go to the Contours tab and press Setup Contours.

23. Set the spacing, press the Generate button and then the OK button.

24. There should now be many more contours.

25. The three views can be moved closer together by changing the "View Border Distance" parameter in the layout tab.

This parameter can be modified interactively until the three views look ok. 

26. The size of the text on the sections view is large, this can be reduced by changing the "Grid Text Size" parameter on the Options tab.

The text size can be reduced until it is large enough to be read on a large scale plan.

More features can be added to the plan by choosing from the Options available on the first tab.  For example, numbers can be added to each of the contours to indicated the offset value of each curve.

27. Once the plan is complete it can be saved as a DXF or brought into the main view of PolyCAD as a Polyline List entity by pressing the button.

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