Creating a ShipLINES Hull Surface

29. In a new window, a ShipLINES hull surface can be introduced by selecting the option on the Create menu,(Create -> ShipLINES).

30. Select the surface so that its detailed appear in the attributes panel. 

31. Turn on the interactive update option so that the surface will update after changed to its parameters and options.

32. Use the contours dialog (Tools -> Contours...) to set up sections spaced every 5m, buttock and waterlines spaced every 1m.  Remember to press the Generate button before pressing OK.

33. Turn off the display of the surface parameters by toggling the "Show Parameters" item on the right click menu (Right-Click -> ShipLines -> Show Parameters).

34. Turn on the display of the contours by toggling the "Show Contours" item on the right click menu (Right-Click -> ShipLines -> Show Contours).

35. Automatically change the view to show the ship from the bow, (Right-Click -> View -> View Fore End).

36. Show the hull surface in perspective viewing mode, (Right-Click -> View -> Perspective).

The hull be now shown as illustrated below.

Adding a Bulbous Bow to the Hull >>>