Calibrating the Image Size

9. At this point, the size of the image will be based on the dimensions the original plane rectangle was draw with and the aspect ratio of the picture. The image size can be callibrated using the following proceduce. In the attribute panel, check the 'Show Scaling Selection' and 'Edit Scaling Selection check boxes, (the options are also available on the right click menu.

10. Now when the plane is edited a dashed Selection Window rectangle will appear with 8 control point handles.

11. Drag the edit handles to line the Selection Window rectangle up with known positions on the image.

12. For example, the baseline or centreline.

13. Once the Selection Window rectangle has been positions, choose 'Rescale Image to Window Dimensions' on the attributes panel or 'Scale Image...' from the Right-Click menu, (Right-Click -> Image Plane -< Scale Image...).

14. The Rescale dialog displays a rectangle with an edit box for each side. Enter the values that corresponds to each side of the rectangle.

15. After pressing OK, the image will change its aspect ratio and reposition so that the Selection Windows sides correspond to the values entered into Rescale Dialog in the graphics window.

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