Tracing Images with Curves

16. Once the image has been callibrated, curves can be traced over the lines of the image.

17. If the curves are obscured by the image plane, it can be moved along the plane axis by adjusting the plane location in the attribute panel.

18. Zoom in on the image and edit the curves against the pixels of the image to get an accurate result.

19. Buttock, Waterline and sections images can be loaded into the graphics window.

20. Calibrating the images will syncronise the hull lines of each image

21. Hull surfaces can be built up by tracing the section, buttock, waterlines or diagonal of lines or body planes using curves.

22. It is advisable when there is a grid lines to place the control points at the intersections. However, remember that too many points can over define the shape result in undulations and unfairness.

23. The image below shows a hull surface created by tracing the three images.

BSpline Surface Yacht Hull Example >>>