Locating an X-Topology Curve on a Plane

The process of editing X-Topology curves and referencing other can be simplified by locating a curve on a plane.

22. In a new file, change to view from the (X/Z) Buttocks direction.

23. Draw an X-Topology Curve with four control points as shown below.

24. Make the curve interpolate all of the control points by applying the Cubic Spline Curve constraint.

The curve should now look like the view below.

25. In the attribute panel, locate the four control points at the coordinates shown below.

The curve should be now shaped as the image shows below.

26. Rotate the view and in the y/z plane draw a second curve.

27. Select and edit the second curve and in the attributes panel, in the Location Surface group, apply a parametric plane perpendicular to the X-axis.

28. Rotateing the view shows the second curve located on the plane through X=0.0m.

29. In the Location Surface group, in the attributes panel, change the plane location to X=6.0m.

The curve will know move as a whole and maintain the x-plane location surface relationship.

30. Drag the first point (blue) of the second curve onto the first. The x-plane location is define through the first point of the curve. The location plane may move as the first point is edited and the other control points on the curve will move accordingly.

The new surface plane location will be indicated in the attributes panel.

31. The plane location in the attributes panel can be used to move the location of the curve. Using the mouse, place it over the black line between the two arrow buttons on the edit box. Press the mouse cursor and move the mouse up and down to increase or decrease the value respectively.

The curve will move in the graphics window. The control point attached to first curve will change location based on the intersection of the first curve and the second curves location plane.

32. If the value of the locations plane's coordinate is reduced...

...the curve moves accordingly.

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