Import/Export - Ansys Element Script

The scripting language for the Ansys Finite Element analysis tool is used by a variety of other supporting. PolyCAD supports basic elements of the scripting language to enable translation of data into systems accepting the format from other CAD systems.

Supported Entities Import Export
Arc Yes Yes
Box   convert to Polygon List
BSpline Curve   as a Polyline
BSpline Surface   as a Polygon List (Facets)
BSpline Suface List   as a Polygon List (Facets)
Cubic Spline   as a Polyline
Image Plane    
IntelliCurve   convert to Polyine first
IntelliHull   convert to BSpline Surface
Interpolating Cubic BSpline   convert to Polyine first
Mesh   as a Polygon List (Facets)
Point Cloud    
Polygon List Yes Yes
Polyline Yes Yes
Polyline List   Yes
ShipLINES   convert to BSpline Surface
X-Topology Curves   as Polylines
X-Topology Surface   as a (Polygon List) Facet
YachtLINES   convert to BSpline Surface