Import/Export - AutoCAD DXF

The DXF is a proprietary file format of the AutoCAD system used for transferring geometry and drawing information although many other types of tools support this format too. It is the primary format for transferring basic geometry data. However, it has limited support for NURBS surfaces.

Note: AutoCAD locks any DXF files it has open. Consequently, PolyCAD cannot open any exported files from AutoCAD until these are closed.

Supported Entities Import Export
Arc Yes Yes
Box   as Facets (3DFACE)
BSpline Curve Yes Only for uniform Quadratic and Cubic Curves, otherwise control polygon is exported as a Polyline.
BSpline Surface Yes as a Mesh
BSpline Suface List   as Meshs
Circle Yes Yes
Cubic Spline   as Polyline
Groups   Entities within closed groups are exported
Image Plane    
IntelliCurve   Convert to BSpline Curve
IntelliHull   Convert to BSpline Surface
Interpolating Cubic BSpline   Yes
Mesh Yes Yes
Point Cloud    
Polygon List Yes Yes
Polyline Yes Yes
Polyline List   Yes
ShipLINES   Yes
X-Topology Curves   as Polylines (Non-Uniform BSpline not supported)
X-Topology Surface   as Meshs (Non-Uniform BSpline not supported) except if using Bezier Coons patches
YachtLINES   Yes