Import/Export File Format Translation

PolyCAD support a range of file formats which it can translate between. However, the software is only capable of translating entities which it supports. Note: These formats cannot be open directly as model files as translators will only import into an open modelling environment. The range of file formats and the import/export status of the translator is listed below:-

Format Import Export
AutoCAD DXF Yes Yes
Initial Graphics Exchange Spec. (IGES) Yes Yes
Ship Stability Reseach Center (SUS) Yes Yes
Proteus (SUS, DAM) Yes Yes
Napa Offset Table Yes  
Comma Separated Values (CSV) Yes  
AutoSHIP (GF?) Yes Yes
Defcar - ShipGEN Template Yes  
Stereolithography STL Yes  
Ansys Element Script Yes Yes
Open Inventor (iv) Yes  
FastShip (SRF) Yes Yes
International Marine Software Associates (IDF) Yes  
International Measurements System (IMS) Offsets (OFF) Yes Yes
Gridgen Glyph Script   Yes
Tribon/Aveva Marine 12 Compartments (CXML) Yes  
Tribon/Aveva Marine 12 BritFair Yes Yes
Tribon/Aveva Marine 12 Lines Macro   Yes
ACIS (Autodeck/Tribon/Aveva Marine Initial Design) Yes Yes
Seasafe Yes Yes
Napa Curve and Surface Definition Yes Yes
Archimedes MB Yes