Import/Export - Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES)

The IGES format is used to transfer detailed geometrical information between CAD systems. It supports a wide range of entities although not all are supported by many CAD tools. It is the primary format for transferring NURBS based models between system. Header information can be added to the file when it is exported. All BSpline Surfaces are converted to one BSpline Surface List to ensure large models will not slow down the response of the system.

Supported Entities Import Export
Arc Yes Yes
BSpline Curve Yes Yes
BSpline Surface All surfaces grouped into one BSpline Surface List Yes
BSpline Suface List Yes Yes
Circle Yes Yes
Cubic Spline   Control points only, Convert Curve to Polyline
Image Plane    
IntelliCurve   Convert to BSpline Curve
IntelliHull   Convert to BSpline Surface
Interpolating Cubic BSpline   Convert to BSpline Curve
Point Cloud    
Polygon List    
Polyline Yes Yes
Polyline List   Yes
ShipLINES   Yes
X-Topology Curves   as BSplines
X-Topology Surface   Yes (as Mesh if original representation not BSpline Surface)
YachtLINES   Yes