Import/Export - Seasafe Hull Definition

This format can be used to export polyline and X-Topology Curves to Seasafe. The format allows the possibility of curves by referencing other curves and therefore is very similar to definition used by X-Topology. X-Topology curves are exported as faithfully as possible, including plane and intersection, although the format does not support curve constraints and any control points on X-Topology curves have to be converted to curve points (achieved by finding the point on the curve closes to the control point). Polyline are exported as 2D if they lie on a principle plane otherwise they are exported as 3D data. On import all curves are assumed to be X-Topology curves due to the way curves can reference each other.

As Seasafe uses its own native curve generation scheme and supports different modelling options to those used in X-Topology it is not possible to translate exact representations of the geometry created by each system. This translator allow the design intent to be transferred with regards to curve definition (interpolation) points, plane locations and intersections. If an exact translation is required, formats such as DXF and IGES are more appropriate but design intent will be lost.

Note: This translator has been developed without access to Seasafe and although every effort has been made to capture the file format some oversights may remain. If you encounter a problem importing/exported I would be very grateful if you could forward the details and any data to me.

Supported Entities Import Export
BSpline Curve    
BSpline Surface    
BSpline Suface List    
Cubic Spline    
Image Plane    
Interpolating Cubic BSpline    
Point Cloud    
Polygon List    
Polyline   Yes
Polyline List   Yes
X-Topology Curves Yes Yes
X-Topology Surface   Yes